5 Ways to Record Homeschooling Progress

5 Ways to Record Progress

     Many parents ask how to keep adequate proof that their homeschool

students are making progress. Each state or province will have laws which

cover this question so be certain you consult the laws in your area before

choosing how to record progress. That being said, I compiled a short list of

ways to record progress and activities easily and effectively.



  1.  Record activities on a calendar or in a planner. You can often purchase one for $1 from the dollar store, if you have one. If your child is writing legibly, have him/her add activities and lessons to the calendar.
  2. Use a spreadsheet on your computer, but regularly save a back up copy on a flash drive or to your email/cloud/etc.
  3. Consider using a journal along with photographs to document your year.
  4. Using an online photo book or webpage can also effectively present work completed, activities, and field trips.
  5. Consider having your child complete a create project at the end of each unit or a few times during the year within each major subject covered. Perhaps a travel pamphlet is a good way to share what your child knows about a country studied or an art project can express information learned about ocean animals.


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Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed. Photograph by Alexandra Islas

Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed.
Photograph by Alexandra Islas


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