Can We Homeschool At Night?


I recently had a chat with a friend about the flexibility that many homeschoolers enjoy. She prefers to work with her kids in the evenings because that is when the whole family is home and there are no errands to run. I told her that many clients of mine do the same thing. They look at scheduling their homeschool academics around other commitments such as work, therapies for special needs, and activities out of the home such as co-ops and park days.

Not all homeschooling has to happen during the hours when public schools are in session. Consider parents who work and homeschool. They may work during the week and choose to homeschool in the evenings or on weekends. This allows flexibility and allows working parents the opportunity to help guide their children’s education.

When clients ask if they can homeschool at nontraditional times, the general answer is “Yes”. You can homeschool when it is convenient for your family to do so. You can schedule lessons around the other events and appointments in your life. You can utilize weekends or evenings if you so choose.

Another consideration is that teens need more sleep and some children, teens or not, do better when learning academics in the evening. If parents allow evening learning opportunities, the kids who need to sleep in or who feel more centered and focused in the evening may benefit from academic instruction occurring later in the day. If your child pushes back when you try to teach or feels stressed, this may be one way to get past the roadblock.

My job is to work with you and your child.

The only time when flexible homeschooling hours are not an option is if your state specifically states the hours your children must receive instruction. Please do examine your state statutes and seek out guidance from your local homeschool support groups before using a nontraditional homeschool schedule.

Do what works for your family. You may find that with nontraditional hours, things go more smoothly. Then again, they may not go well and you may choose to go back to a more traditional homeschool day. Either way, you have options to do what is best for your family.