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My Favorite Educational Fall Things

As fall approaches, I have gathered some of my favorite educational things in one post. I did include affiliate links, but you certainly don’t have to buy via my links or even online. Many items can be found at your local retailers, too.

One of my family’s traditions is to build Lego kits as often as we can. We were excited to see so many options on Amazon this year.


When we have Halloween or autumn parties, we like to have fun, but also ad educational activities. Nearly any game can be adjusted to do this. Add letters, numbers, words, or sill sentences to make a game educational.


Two of our favorite books for this time of year include the Apple Pie Tree and My Autumn Book.






Also, if you have the cash to spend, you can use the Amazon Echo to play music, learn facts, and more! This gadget can help with making your day more interesting even when the cold weather keeps you indoors.

Thanks for reading and be sure to comment on the Facebook page with your favorite fall things, too!

Bitsbox Review

When I first heard about Bitsbox, I thought it might not interest my children so I ignored the information. One day I saw a decent price for this product and decided to try it once. As it turns out, my youngest child LOVED Bitsbox. So we ordered again and loved it again. I am excited to tell you about Bitsbox because we love it, and also because they often run a FREE BOX SPECIAL for new customers.


Each Bitsbox booklet has a theme.

Bitsbox is a way for children to learn to program. I will add that I learned a bit about programming, too. I am not a computer person at all, so this was a very good thing! Now, I will say that though some of the coding was easy to use, other programs had a LOT of lines. Either help young children and inexperienced programmers or pace yourself by using the shorter programs first, then moving to the longer ones. We also found it helpful, especially for my youngest, to work on a program over several days’ time in order to not become stressed out, yet still complete the project.

Some pages in each Bitsbox book have less code and some have more depending on which program is being written.

Some pages in each Bitsbox book have less code and some have more depending on which program is being written.

If your child is into video games and other programs, this may be the product for you. I think that both homeschool families and those who go to brick and mortar schools can benefit from Bitsbox. As I noted above, Bitsbox can work for many developmental levels from beginner to more advanced. Some kits even include trading cards with cool graphics on one side and code on the back, along with the Bitsbox book themed to topics like movies or animals!

We LOVE these trading cards. They come with some Bitsbox books.

We LOVE these trading cards. They come with some Bitsbox books.



Though I may receive credits on my account if people sign up via my link, I am giving a true and honest review of this product. I do find Bitsbox to be educational and useful in my homeschool day.

History Unboxed Review



I have a soft spot in my soul for social sciences and history. I have always been fascinated by anthropology, archeology, and the data we can get from these studies. Not everyone chooses to read ethnographies for fun. (Yep, you can call me weird, I don’t mind.) So I was thrilled to find out about History Unboxed. You can order past boxes if supplies last, but the real gem is the monthly subscription service. I did receive one free box and an affiliate code in exchange for my honest review. However, I am also a subscriber.


When I chose to order a 3 month subscription, I had no idea how excited my children would be. After all, my children are 5, 10, and 12. The name of the game these days is reading favorite books, playing Minecraft, and hanging out with friends. My son, the five year old, immediately had to know what we were getting and when. He decided we MUST order the Olmec box, now available online, in addition to the subscription because he NEEDS to try Olmec hot chocolate and look at pictures of statues. My daughters, 10 and 12 years old, were not as excited until the boxes arrived. Then, they quickly became excited because the boxed information is presented by a brother and sister team and includes hands on activities.



Soap making!

The first box you receive has a timeline and time capsule. Future shipments include unboxed lessons about history and civilizations. Our first box was about Babylon. We learned about the Code of Hammurabi, made our own soap, and more! Our second box was about ancient China. We painted a kite, then flew it. We also painted our own terra cotta soldier. Our third box was about Scythians. My kids had a blast making their own felt helmets!



When ordering a subscription, you need choose between two basic age ranges when ordering the boxes. However, you can order additional box subscriptions for multiple children. (See the website for pricing.) There is also a new option for History Unboxed Lite in case you are on a strict budget right now. If your child has her heart set on one particular time period, order from the options in the “In Stock Products” area.

If you decide you want to sign up, please use the code edustrat to get a  5% discount on your first subscription order.

Little Passports Review

This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links. I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

A few months ago I heard about a service named Little Passports that teaches children about social studies. This service sounded interesting to me so I spent some time looking through the website for more information. Wow, I am glad I took the time to check out the information!

Little Passports has three different age-grouped products which you can order. Not only can you choose an age level, but you can also choose the topic your child will explore. Early Explorers have many topics from which to choose while World and USA versions focus on either countries or states. My children are self- starters and LOVE this idea!

Each Early Explorer (3-5 years) and World Edition (6-10 years) subscription comes with a suitcase, world map, activity book, and more. Plus, your child will receive additional items monthly to add to the suitcase as long as you have the subscription. The USA Edition (7-12 years) includes a map, filled guide, and scratch pad among other items as well as the monthly packages delivered during your subscription.

Some subscription companies charge so much money that it is difficult to have a long term subscription, but Little Passports gives several affordable billing options. Keep in mind that the longer the duration of the subscription you choose, the cheaper the price of Little Passports.

I think that Little Passports is a great way to teach children about world citizenship, travel, and adventure. I highly recommend reading through the Little Passports website for more information. I will add more information once my children receive their first box. I look forward to sharing more information with you soon!