Which Curriculum is Best for Homeschooling a Child in Kindergarten?


Every day when I log into social media homeschool groups, I see people asking how to begin homeschooling and which curriculum is best for their 5 or 6-year-old child. This is a really good question, especially given the fact that public schools tend to push standards-based education options rather than diverse developmentally appropriate education options. Sadly, not all kids will be ready for the curriculum given in kindergarten and first grade.

This is one reason why some parents homeschool or unschool. There is more freedom of choice in home and unschooling options, plus some children do better when not being pushed to learn at the pace state standards push.

Some states do require a written educational plan or for you to declare a curriculum. I encourage you to seek out support from your local homeschool organizations and groups in order to find the best options if that is your situation. However, if this is not a requirement for you, then you get to choose what is best for your little one.

Keep in mind that, at the ages of 5 and 6, your child needs less of a curriculum and more free play time. When we push curriculum and sitting at a table writing before a child is ready, our sweet kids tend to regress and dislike learning. Sometimes a child will want to use worksheets or a full curriculum which it okay as well, but should not be the main focus just yet.

Using activities like puzzles, outdoor time, visits to museums and libraries, play groups and park days, and other hands-on activities. These activities help children to learn social skills, motor skills, and learn to love learning. Add in reading aloud to your child and go at your own pace options (when ready) like ABC Mouse or Reading Eggs and you have a recipe for success.

When asked, my advice is to begin slowly. Focus on social skills, play, and hands-on learning. Work as a team to choose activities your child will enjoy and from which he will learn. Adjust as your child’s needs, maturity, and interests change. Add in more structured activities as your child grows and learns.

Together you can do this! I believe in you.


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Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed. Photograph by Alexandra Islas

Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed.
Photograph by Alexandra Islas


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