Dear Melissa – Diaper Change Dilemma

Dear Melissa,

My child is one and a half years old. He rolls and runs away at diaper change time. I spanked him and it helped for a while, but now he is back to rolling away or running. What else can I do to fix this diaper change dilemma?

diaper dilemma

First, I am proud of you for recognizing that spanking is not a long term solution. A few ideas come to mind when I consider this issue. Perhaps your son is ready to potty learn. Sometimes children refuse diaper changes because they prefer to be naked or in underwear like “big kids”. Maybe your child would prefer to pull on a pull up style cloth or disposable underwear instead of you doing it. You can also try following a routine with a special diaper change song or rhyme. Some children enjoy routine while others enjoy distraction like making funny faces or talking during changes. When in doubt, take a break, then come back to the task. This may mean getting up earlier in order to arrive at work on time, but is worth doing. Thankfully this behavior will get better over time. If you stay calm and have a sense of humor about it, then your child will most likely do the same and then cycle out of this behavior.

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