FLVS Flex and Umbrella Schools

Parents often ask if they can use one or more FLVS flex courses if they are enrolled in an umbrella school.  FLVS flex is a version of Florida Virtual School which allows parents and students to choose one or many courses without being enrolled in the public school version of FLVS with all of the testing mandates and mandatory courses for graduation. The short answer is “maybe”. There are some details which affect whether you can or cannot do this.

If your umbrella school has an articulation agreement with FLVS, then your child will be able to use FLVS flex. The umbrella school owner will act as the guidance counselor. You will sign up for an account and request one or more courses. Then, the guidance counselor approves those courses. You may need to email your umbrella school owner to let them know you have requested one or more FLVS flex classes unless the school owner has given you other directions for this process.

If your umbrella school does not have an articulation agreement, you could request that they set this up. However, they may choose not to do so. If that is the case, then you have to decide if you prefer to stay with the umbrella school or change to a letter of intent and annual evaluation with your county as all Florida counties are able to approve your FLVS flex courses.

Remember that some counties will accept an FLVS transcript as proof that learning occurred. You may do this instead of having a certified teacher or psychologist complete an evaluation each year. However, your child may have to complete a certain amount of courses for this to suffice. FLVS flex allows your child to take one or multiple courses so please check with your county before doing this in order to be certain your child will qualify for this alternative to a yearly evaluation with the amount of courses they are taking.

Remember that FLVS is public school at home. FLVS flex is the same coursework but allows you to pick and choose classes though the flex option does not allow your child to graduate with a diploma whereas FLVS does. Either way you receive a transcript for courses taken.


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Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed. Photograph by Alexandra Islas

Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed.
Photograph by Alexandra Islas


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