Moving and Learning – Whole Body Learning

One trick of the teaching trade is using gimmicks to get kids invested in the learning process.

One fantastic way to do this is to include movement into lessons. Children especially enjoy this

type of activity when the teacher or parent joins in. When we value the activity, children are

more likely to join in, too. Try the following ideas to help children commit information learned

to their long-term memory. Make sure you, the adult, join in too!

  • Tap, jump, or clap while you count.
  • Dance it out with a song from Youtube, or your favorite children’s music artist, that covers a math concept.
  • Create a scavenger hunt throughout your room, house, or school.
  • Eat foods that represent a concept such as pizza for fractions.
  • Paint or draw about vocabulary words.

  • Act out a story or play.
  • Use baking to practice multiplication and fractions.
  • Set up an obstacle course to bring each word through when writing a sentence.
  • Build a model with blocks, clay, or another medium.
  • Use packing bubbles to pop each time a child says a sound in a word you are breaking down.
  • Draw letters or shapes in a container of sand or rice.
  • Roll a back ball to each student and have them say a new rhyming word.



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Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed. Photograph by Alexandra Islas

Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed.
Photograph by Alexandra Islas


I earned my master’s degree in reading and literacy as well as an ESE graduate certificate. I hold a current teaching certificate and am working on my PHD in general psychology. As a consultant and reading coach, I focus on early childhood education, elementary education, reading and literacy, study skills, thematic units, and social skills. Additional services include public speaking, transcript preparation, and more. I look forward to putting my teaching experience and degrees to work for you.

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