Curriculum Writing

Curriculum writing





Are you looking for a specialized curriculum that focuses on your child’s needs? Do you want a thematic unit that addresses a topic that your big box curriculum does not discuss? Are you planning to travel and want a unit based on the areas you will visit?  I will help meet your goals by writing a curriculum based on your student’s interests and needs.

$30        Curriculum Writing per Hour

$100      Curriculum Writing of a 5 Day Thematic Unit

$150      Curriculum Writing per Subject per Month

$250      Curriculum Writing per Subject 3 Months

$500    Curriculum Writing per Subject per 6 Months

$1500 Curriculum Writing per Subject per 9 Months (a Traditional School Year)

Prices are subject to change. Please note that payment reserves your appointment.  Curriculum writing services may be paid for using an installment plan, which is in writing or email form, if the total purchase is over $200. Any materials you need to purchase in addition to the plans, for example picture books, would be at your own expense or should come from your local library.

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