Homeschool and Unschool Consultations









  • Are you deciding between public and homeschool options?
  • Do you need information about laws and requirements?
  • Are you concerned about organization and curriculum options?

A homeschool support group in your area will likely offer a free resource and opinions to help with these concerns. I highly suggest you take the time to explore what the members of this type of group suggest.

If you find that you want specialized one-on-one support from a mentor and homeschool mom (who is also a certified teacher and Florida homeschool evaluator) to help ease your worries and answer your questions, then I am here to help.

Are you unsure of how to begin homeschooling?

My experience in both public and homeschool education will help you find the answers you need to make decisions to ensure success this year.

$40        Homeschool or Unschool Consultation in person, by phone, or via Skype (60 min.)*

$40       Homeschool or Unschool Consultation follow up in person, by phone, or via Skype (60 min.)*

Times are approximate.

Please note that payment reserves your appointment.

*Mileage fees may apply.

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If you prefer a longer term option, check out our subscription package. This package provides 6 months of services for the low price of $60. Services roll over each month as long as your subscription is valid. Subscriptions renew automatically every 6 months. This price will go up so considering signing up now to lock in the rate.

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Melissa Packwood, M.S. Ed.
Photograph by Alexandra Islas

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