Consultation Subscription Packages

Have you ever had a question about parenting or homeschooling and wished you could ask an expert consultant without spending a lot of cash?

Ever wish you could receiveĀ a certified teacher’s assistanceĀ or pick the brain of an educator with a master’s degree without having to spend a lot of cash?

Now there is a solution!

For the low price of $60 you are entitled to two half hour phone calls per month for 6 months.

Should you not use your monthly phone calls, they roll over to the next month. This price will go up soon so take advantage and lock in the rate now. The normal hourly rate is $35 per hour and up so you save up to $25 per hour with this plan.

Subscriptions automatically renew every 6 months.

This consultation subscription is perfect for those who want a little bit of support without a big price tag! *

Remember to fill out this form in order to give me your contact information and verify your subscription. Thank you!

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Subscriptions renew every 6 months so be sure to contact me if you wish to discontinue your service or is you have any difficulty signing up.