Transcript Writing Service


Students who homeschool may need a transcript in order to attend college or trade school. Many families opt to write the student’s transcript. However, some families prefer to pay for a transcript writing service. Both options are acceptable and appropriate. It is best to consider your available time, price point, and whether you care to do this task or not.

If you decide to pay for a transcript writing service, please be sure to contact me in advance to ensure that your transcript is complete by the deadline for your school or program.

The fee per transcript is $60.

(This price is available as long as your transcript takes less than 2 hours of time which will be the case for most transcripts.)

Should you need to add courses or change transcript formats, the rate is $40 per additional hour after 2 hours are used.

This $60 payment is due before the service begins to reserve my time for you. Fees for additional hours, if needed, are to be paid before the final transcript is sent to you.

Payment is accepted via Paypal invoice and over the phone using a debit or credit card.

To request a transcript writing service or ask a question, fill out the form below or contact me at or 407-712-4368

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