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My Favorite Educational Gifts

This year my family is trying to focus on experiences and educational gifts instead of a pile of toys that will eventually go unnoticed. Here, I listed some of my favorite things. Affiliate links are posted in some cases, but not all. Happy holidays!


Click Blocks on Educents

We enjoy the variety Educents offers. From toys to educational games and musical instruments, there is a lot from which to choose. Our favorite choice, though, is called Click Blocks. Educents has a variety of these magnetic blocks so I suggest going to their link and searching using the keyword “magnet” or “magnetic”. This is probably the one toy the I enjoy playing with just as much as the kids do.

Melissa and Doug Life Skills Toys

With my first two children, I rarely cared about what products were made with and how durable they were. Now I see the value in a thoughtfully made product. We have enjoyed many Melissa and Doug puzzles, a housekeeping set, and even a fishing set. You can find tons of options on both Amazon (which is having a sale at the time of this blog being published) and the Melissa and Doug website.

Learning Games

Learning games are a huge hit right now. There are so many that it would be difficult to list every good quality option. Some of my favorite learning games include ABC Cookies, Allowance, Sum Swamp, and Quirkle. These games, as well as others, can be found on Amazon (links shared in this paragraph) as well as other stores and websites.

Little Passports

This may sound odd, but my son LOVES to receive mail and his Little Passports subscription allows him to enjoy that experience while also learning about other countries and cultures. There is a version for older children that teaches about each state in the United States as well. We were surprised to receive an email each month with additional resources and interactive activities to do on the Little Passports website. Right now they have a sale for 15% off if you use the code word “JOY”.

History Unboxed


History Unboxed is one of our favorite subscription packages, but the coolest part is that they offer boxes a la carte as well. You can choose a one-time box or shipment OR subscribe. Gift subscriptions are available so grandma and auntie can share the gift of learning with the little ones. We thoroughly enjoyed our boxes from soap-making to creating minotaurs. If you decide you want to sign up, please use the code edustrat to get a 5% discount on your first subscription order. If you want more info, check out my review here.

Experiences Worth the Time and Price

Experiential gifts are by far my favorite. Look in your area for science museums, free factory tours to places like the Jelly Belly factory, children’s museums, theater shows, and other family activities. Use Groupon and other coupons to lower costs. Sometimes season pass prices are lowered in the winter right before major holidays so call and ask for their best seasonal pricing.

If you know of a wonderful gift idea that I should add, please email me at lissa_kaye54@yahoo.com using the subject line “Favorite Gifts”. Thanks!