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Transcript FAQ

Many homeschool and unschool families ask what is needed when requesting for me to

write their child’s transcripts. I suggest that you keep some basic information as your child

moves through the high school years. Unschoolers may have to be a bit more diligent in

keeping track of activities and classes chosen as their choices may be more eclectic than

traditional homeschoolers or those who use many state or locally run public school courses

such as those provided by FLVS in Florida.



Keep a list of:

Course names

Course descriptions

Grades (if given)

Activities such as volunteerism, school band participation, tennis practice

Dates for beginning and end of activities, courses, and the beginning/end of your high school program

Job training program or college entrance requirements for your school or schools of choice


Also, be certain I have the following information:

Student name

Student birthdate

School name (such as Lewis Homeschool Program)



Phone number

Contact name (parent/guardian)

Date your transcript must be completed


It is acceptable to use courses outside of those used in public schools, but keep in mind your

child’s college and/or job aspirations so you can gear activities and classes, and eventually the

transcript, toward these goals.

Be certain to include sciences, language arts, mathematics, social studies and history, as well

as language if your child is college-bound. Be certain you request transcript writing services as

early as possible. I can always add in current courses in progress or recently finished courses,

but may be back-logged if you wait too long to request your service. Waiting may mean the

difference between sending applications in on time or sending them in late and being wait-

listed or denied college entrance.

     If you have further questions, please contact me via the form on my transcript request page. I look forward to putting my experience to work for you!