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10 Stress-Free Homeschool Tips

Are you new to homeschooling and feeling overwhelmed? Here are ten tips to help you find more peace and less stress during your homeschool days.

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Accept that homeschool is sometimes challenging.

Take breaks when you or your child feel the need.

Homeschool often takes less time during each day than other school models. Use that time to rest, have family fun, etc.

Don’t use all your cash on curriculum. With so many options available for free or second hand, you can find resources that are in your budget.

With all the saved cash from wise curriculum choices, your child can join a club, co-op, or class.

Join local groups and park day events. The support is helpful for nearly any topic.

Embrace multi-age, siblings learning together as a possibility. Sometimes children need different coursework, but sometimes you can learn as a family, regardless of age.

Take skip days. Use the time to get out and about. Visit a park, museum, science center, or go paint at the park.

Ask your children what they want to learn. You may be surprised at how quickly they pick up information when they choose the topic.

Document as you go. Take pictures of field trips and science experiments, list books read and curriculum used, and save work samples as the year goes. Keep this information in a binder. Once the year ends, you have a memory book/portfolio which will work for most state portfolio requirements and will remind you of the fun you and your child had during the year.