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The Toy Library of Central Florida

I am excited to say that I finally visited the Toy Library of Central Florida and it’s AWESOME!!!!

The Toy Library of Central Florida, located in Apopka, FL, offers monthly subscriptions to patrons who then check out toys, books, and activity kits.

You return the items when you can and check more out. Let me tell you, this sure beats the cost of purchasing tons of toys, then finding out that your child doesn’t like them or that he has grown out of using the toys you have.

By using the Central Florida Toy Library, you can change out toys and activities as often as you want with your subscription!

The current price for a monthly subscription at the Toy Library of Central Florida is $20 per family.

The items in the toy library range for age groups 0 and up and are housed in one main room or three additional rooms inside the toy library. This library isn’t just for babies and toddlers, though. Dawn, owner of the toy library, encourages older children and their families to check out the books and activity kits. My children loved the Tinker Box, but your older children might enjoy the clay kit or a sewing activity by hand.

What’s even more exciting is that the Toy Library of Central Florida is a nonprofit organization and is always thankful for your used toys, books, homeschool or brick and mortar school used curricula, pretend play items or playsets, and more!

The idea is to provide a low-cost option for families across Central Florida so nobody has to break the bank to provide enriching activities for their children. Your donations will help accomplish this and help keep subscription costs low.

I can’t say enough positive things about Dawn and the toy library. I knew she planned to set this up when we spoke over a year ago, and I am thrilled to see how quickly and expertly she set things in motion. She plans to expand throughout Central Florida. I can’t wait to see where and when.

As we approach the summer months, and that dense Florida heat, please consider volunteering, donating, and joining the Toy Library of Central Florida.

Check for current hours before you go as hours are subject to change.

I hope I see you there! ?